Urinalysis Products

Trusted portfolio of urinalysis analyzers and tests for broad insight into patient health

Supported by more than 75 years of leadership and innovation in urinalysis, our point of care urinalysis portfolio offers broad insight into patient health for low, medium, and high volume settings.

POC Urinalysis Systems

Our collection of CLINITEK® urine analyzers provide enhanced confidence in clinical decisions with features enabling healthcare professionals in various near-patient settings to respond to increasing demands with higher productivity.

CLINITEK Status® Connect System

  • Flexible connectivity solutions and operational control
  • Improve risk management
  • Improve accuracy and eliminate subjectivity

CLINITEK Advantus® Urine Chemistry Analyzer

  • Automatically reads and interprets strip results every 7 seconds
  • Flexible productivity for busy clinics, practices, and labs

CLINITEK Status®+ Self-test Urine Chemistry Analyzer

  • Convenient and accurate self-testing
  • Cost-effective option for payers, healthcare providers, and patients

Urinalysis Reagents

Whether testing in an office, clinic, or hospital, our reagents can help detect a wide range of conditions, including pregnancy, UTIs, diabetes, and early detection of kidney disease.

Multistix® 10 SG Reagent Strips

  • Front-line screening for chronic-disease management
  • Ten tests for important markers on a single strip

CLINITEK® Microalbumin 2 Reagent Strips

  • Fast, targeted screening for patients at risk for kidney disease
  • Assess kidney health quickly, with results in 1 minute

CLINITEK® Microalbumin 9 Reagent Strips

  • In-office tests for diabetes and kidney disease
  • Allows for immediate physician intervention
  • Nine tests on one strip

Laboratory Diagnostics Urinalysis Portfolio

Our urinalysis systems bring laboratories and physicians innovative, proven technology that offer broad clinical insight into a patient’s health.

Chronic Disease Management

Help assess the appropriate care pathway for patients with or at risk of chronic diseases.

5 Reasons Why Decision Makers Choose Siemens Urine Analyzers

5 Reasons Why Decision Makers Choose Siemens Urine Analyzers

Proprietary Strip Technology Allows for Proper Results Reporting

Better results reporting for humidity-exposed urine test strips.