Point of Care Testing

Point-of-Care Testing

Designed to provide immediate, convenient, and easy-to-use diagnostic testing

From the ED to the physician’s office, clinical management decisions can be made immediately and result in improved patient safety, clinical outcomes, and overall patient satisfaction.

Blood Gas Systems

Our blood gas portfolio reduces the complexity and improves the efficiency of operations and provides a flexible, long-term solution. Have confidence in patient results with a customized configuration of analyzers, from handheld to benchtop systems, with results that correlate no matter where the testing takes place.

epoc® Blood Analysis System

  • Streamline workflow.
  • Accelerate clinical decision making.
  • Simplify inventory management.
  • Real-time results and reporting.

The RAPIDPoint 500e Blood Gas System

Transforming care delivery by elevating your blood gas solution, allowing you to focus on your patients.

RAPIDLab® 1200 Systems

  • High throughput cartridge-based analyzer
  • Microsample volume: only 35 μL for pH
  • Comprehensive menu
  • CO-oximetry onboard

RAPIDLab® 348EX Blood Gas System

  • Basic blood gas panel
  • Accurate results
  • Small sample volume: 50 μL
  • Single sample probe for syringes, capillaries, and QC

Urinalysis Products

Trusted portfolio of urinalysis analyzers and tests for broad insight into patient health

Supported by more than 75 years of leadership and innovation in urinalysis, our point of care urinalysis portfolio offers broad insight into patient health for low, medium, and high volume settings.