Featured Topics in POC Testing

Featured Topics in Point-of-Care Testing

Focused information on relevant point-of-care topics, from case studies to clinical information

Point-of-care solutions are designed to provide immediate, convenient, and easy-to-use diagnostic testing. From the ED to the physicians office, clinical management decisions can be made immediately and result in improved patient safety, clinical outcomes, and overall patient satisfaction.

Blood Gas: Featured Topics

Read how blood-gas testing can enable instant critical-treatment decisions without sacrificing the quality of care.

Increase your blood gas clinical knowledge
  • Explore diagnostic applications and drive competency, efficiency, and productivity among your POC and laboratory staff.
Your Blood Gas Partner of Choice
  • Quality products, responsive on-site service, and comprehensive training deliver value for customers over the long-term.
Pleural Fluid pH Testing
  • Pleural fluid pH testing on RAPIDPoint 500 Blood Gas AnalyzersPleural Fluid pH Testing

Cardiac: Featured Topics

Learn about performing safe and effective cardiac testing, empowering lab-quality results from near-patient locations.

Cardiac Assays
  • First results in as fast as 14 minutes, and subsequent results in as fast as 4 minutes.
D-dimer Testing
  • Why excluding PE at the POC with fast and accurate results helps optimize the diagnostic experience and delivers outcomes that matter to patients.
Wells Pretest Probability Score
  • Strategy for assessing PE and DVT

Coagulation: Featured Topics

Feel confident in getting the usability, safety, efficiency, and accuracy you need in handheld coagulation testing.

4 Reasons to Use the Xprecia System in Your Physician’s Office or Clinic
  • Primary care, urgent care, and hospitals are locations that demand fast, reliable PT/INR testing.
Video: Handheld Coagulation Analyzer for Point-of-care Testing
  • Xprecia Stride® Coagulation Analyzer for your Clinic or Physician’s Office
Make All the Right Connections with the Xprecia Stride Analyzer
  • Make all the right connections: Multiple connectivity options combined with maximum flexibility

Diabetes: Featured Topics

Learn about how in-office HbA1c testing can improve diabetes decision-making and patient outcomes, all while helping lead to a healthier life.

HbA1c and Diabetes: What’s the connection?
  • Knowing your A1c result can lead to a healthier life.
DCA Vantage Analyzer Meets Performance Criteria for Hemoglobin A1c Testing
  • According to an independent study – our DCA Vantage Analyzer is one of just two HbA1c analyzers that meets the tightened performance criteria set by the NGSP*.
Dual Reporting of Hemoglobin A1c Results for DCA Vantage Analyzer
  • Dual reporting of hemoglobin A1c results for DCA Vantage Analyzer
In-office HbA1c Results Improve Diabetes Decision Making, Patient Compliance, and Outcomes
  • In-office HbA1c results improve diabetes decision making, patient compliance, and outcomes
4 Reasons to Upgrade Your DCA Software
  • The DCA Vantage Analyzer with version 4.x software offers important benefits
Diagnose Diabetes and Manage At-Risk Patients with In-Office Testing
  • The proven technology you trust. now for diagnosing diabetes.
The Importance of Estimated Average Glucose (eAG)
  • Now there is a new way to report HbA1c results called estimated average glucose (eAG)
Diabetes Education Materials for Children
  • Siemens and Iron Man team up to combat childhood diabetes.

Informatics: Featured Topics

Dive into our POC Ecosystem expertise to learn how open connectivity can help manage dozens of sites, hundreds of devices, and thousands of operators.

Uniform POCT compliance, workflow efficiency, and cost reduction
  • 3 Ways the RAPIDComm Data Management System has helped Ireland’s largest teaching hospital
Always Open: Discover the power of an open POC Ecosystem
  • Informatics solutions that allow you to connect more than 170 point-of-care devices
Customer Service
  • Contact our POC Informatics specialists when you need product support.
Case Study: Digitalizing Healthcare Across Queensland, Australia
  • Transforming care delivery across one of the world’s largest POCT networks with open informatics solutions