Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Disease Management at the Point of Care

Make Every Visit Count

Healthcare providers can have a significant impact on patient-care by using tools that deliver immediate results. Siemens Healthineers offers a wide spectrum of easy-to-use point of care (POC) tests that can help you better manage your patients‘ chronic diseases.

Choose from our selection of operator-friendly, trustworthy, and versatile analyzers for identifying and monitoring diabetes, kidney disease, and other chronic conditions to assess the appropriate care pathways for patients and to monitor their health.

Experience fast

, reliable PT/INR testing for oral anticoagulation therapy (OAT).

4 Reasons to Use the Xprecia System in Your Physician’s Office or Clinic

  • Primary care, urgent care, and hospitals are locations that demand fast, reliable PT/INR testing.


Manage diabetes patients better with accurate, clinically relevant results to improve decision-making, patient compliance, and outcomes.

HbA1c and Diabetes: What’s the connection?

  • Knowing your A1c result can lead to a healthier life.

Diabetes Education Materials for Children

  • Siemens and Iron Man team up to combat childhood diabetes.

Diabetes: Featured Topics

  • Learn about how in-office HbA1c testing can improve diabetes decision-making and patient outcomes, all while helping lead to a healthier life.

DCA Vantage® Analyzer

  • Clinically trusted HbA1c and ACR results
  • Monitors progress and allows therapy adjustment during the visit
  • Diagnose diabetes and identify at-risk patients with DCA HbA1c test kit #106989151


The most comprehensive and trusted urinalysis portfolio with highly effective tools for broad insight into patients’ health.

Urinalysis Products

  • Deliver broad, clinical insight into a patient's health.

Urinalysis: Featured Topics

  • At the forefront of urinalysis leadership and innovation for more than 75 years

Proprietary Strip Technology Allows for Proper Results Reporting

  • Better results reporting for humidity-exposed urine test strips.

Innovative Urinalysis Test Strips with ID bands

  • The MULTISTIX® family of urinalysis test strips include the innovative identification (ID) bands.